10 Ways to Wear a Slim Fit White Shirt

10 Ways To Wear A Slim Fit White Shirt

The Men’s Fashion World has evolved a lot in the last few years, it can be highly credited to the uproar of social media platforms that gave birth to a new breed of celebrities, “The Influencers”! There are thousands of these fashion influencers on Instagram who display their personal styles and have stolen the attention from highly regarded brands. They have a cult-like following and are the source of inspiration for styles for men and women alike. On that note, there is no singular rule or style that is the best. A sense of individuality has taken over the minds of fashion shoppers and the flexibility to be yourself has brought more people into the fashion realm. We absolutely agree and We would like to show you how and when a typical super slim fit white shirt can be worn to fit your own individual style. But before we get styling, get yourself a good quality slim fit white shirt.

Here are 10 ways to style your slim fit white shirt…..

  1. Date Night: It could be an Anniversary date, Valentine’s day or like us, you just want to go out looking really fine with your significant other! Nights like these call for a dinner at a swanky restaurant and usually these restaurants have a dress code. Time to pull out your crisp, slim fitted white shirt and put it to work. You can wear it with a slim dark color tie with subtle prints/stripes and petrol blue (or other darker color) slim fit, tapered leg pants. You can add slick watch and a well-crafted belt.

  2. Night Out In The City: A slim fit white shirt paired with a beige or grey blazer, dark blue jeans and a sharp pair of white sneakers is a foolproof party attire. Unbutton the top two buttons and untuck the shirt for a more relaxed look. We would obviously recommend avoiding the baggy jeans, keep it fitted and simple. If it is a bit chilly out, layer up with a v-neck cashmere over the shirt.

  3. Bar Hopping With The Boys: This look is the easiest to pull off, just need the right attitude. You can wear your relaxed fit white shirt with distressed jeans and a pair of brown loafers or even a pair of brown leather lace-ups. Unbutton the top two buttons, leave the sleeves a bit messy and off you go.

  4. Work Wear: If you take this look to work, you will definitely become the best dressed. All you have to do is pair your super slim fit white shirt with grey suit trousers or light brown (almost khaki) textured trousers, a narrow cognac belt and a pair of black oxfords. Don’t forget to add a light color cardigan for cooler days.

  5. For Those Warmer Spring Days: This is a difficult look to accomplish and stand out but we are here to make it simple for you. This look is comfortable and perfect for summertime sightseeing. For this look, take your slim fit white shirt and couple it with navy shorts, thin brown feather edge belt and a pair of medium brown boat shoes.

  6. Street Style: Yes, you heard it right! You can definitely use your fitted white shirt to achieve your own individualistic street style. Keep your white shirt untucked or partially tucked. Wear a pair of distressed blue jeans or even a pair of black/dark grey biker jeans. For shoes, you can pick a cool pair of sneakers or even go for an edgier look with a pair of leather combat boots. Add a pair of D-Frame sunglasses or an oversized pair of aviators.

  7. Lunch With Friends: We are taking you a little on the edge with this recommendation but uniqueness comes with an open mind, doesn’t it? If you are the kind that likes going out for lunch or brunch on a nice Sunday afternoon in the fall, this look is for you. As it gets chillier, more precisely, when the “Winter Is Coming”, you have to have a layer under your shirts. Take a light grey t-shirt (preferably a crew neck) and wear it under your white shirt. Don’t forget to “button” the top two or three buttons and roll up your sleeves. Add another layer of shawl collar cardigan

  8. Guest At A Daytime Wedding: Slim Fit White Shirts look great with a well-fitted linen off-white suit, a bluish grey suit or even a light color tweed suit (for colder weathers). You can add a splash of color with a slim tie but opt for less brighter tones. And finish off the look with a pocket square, a watch and a pair of brown suede or leather Chelsea Boots.

  9. Meeting Your Significant Other’s Parents: Roll up your shirt sleeve, unbutton the first button (top-down), wear a dark color waistcoat, casual dark blue jeans and a statement western belt. You could also add a dark color linen tie (skip the Windsor knot, keep it simple). For shoes, opt for brown or black suede Chelsea Boots.

  10. Smooth Swagger: This look should not come as a surprise since we already learned how to attain a polished street style with a slim fit white shirt. Get yourself a check blazer, blue jeans and a pair of brown brogues for a semi-formal affair; Accessorize it based on what you have planned for your day. For a more casual look grab a well-fitted bomber (do not go for an oversized one) in neutral shades (beige, ink blue, camel, grey), add a pair of sunglasses, dark color trouser/jeans and a pair of cool sneakers with non-bulky soles.

These were out ways of styling a super slim fit white shirt, tell us what you thought on the comment section. If you tried out any of these styles tag us on Instagram @rickyandmickyofficial. Cheers!!