Here Is Why You Should Wear Dress Shirts With Jeans To Work

What do you usually wear to work? Do you find yourself perpetually confused? Are you running out of ideas?.. Well I feel the same way. I very often find myself digging through my small New York City closet for hours. Yet I end up wearing the same two outfits every single week. Don’t worry now, stay with me…. I have a simple style trick up my sleeve that will help you look polished, stylish and fresh everyday you go to work.

Combine your button up dress/casual shirts with your favorites jeans!

Here is why this trend has found its way in the workspace here in the USA.

The American job market is exceedingly aggressive. Large corporations are trying to attract the best from the pool of really good workers. Hence, they have to be creative in terms of offering various incentives. Believe it or not, one of the perks these young workers so desire is the liberty to dress less formal. In addition, this change could very well be the increasing popularity of Gig and Startup cultures. Young and hip freelancers and entrepreneurs like to dress less formal. They are the trendsetters in today’s men’s fashion so if you haven’t already, it is time to get on board.

Now, there are hundreds of options in terms of dress shirts and jeans but do not bury yourself with the thought of having to figure out how to! I put together a few simple but effective ways to wear a dress shirt with jeans without you having to break a sweat.

  1. Denim on Denim: Wearing Denim shirts with jeans sounds a bit intimidating but this look has been worn by your everyday joe to A-list movie stars. To get the look right, we would recommend picking denim shirts that are free of patch work. You could surely pull off a cool shirt with patches and crazy designs but for work, a classic slim fit denim shirt would be ideal. Now this denim shirt can be black, grey or blue, just be sure to create a separation and play with different colors of denim shirts and jeans. You can easily pair up this look with some sleek leather slip ons or cap toe leather sneakers.

  1. White or Solid Color: There are a lot of varieties in a typical white button down shirt. You could go with a formal dress shirt without pockets or something less formal with pocket/s or even wear a white linen button down. Pair your favorite white dress shirt with a slightly faded slim fit dark grey or a pair of blue jeans. Refine this look with a cool pair of lace up leather sneakers or a simple pair of brown/black wingtips dress shoes. White shirts are extremely versatile and you can find more ways to wear your white shirts in our article,“10 Ways To Wear A Slim Fit White Shirt”.

  2. Long Sleeve With Stripes: You could grab a long sleeve shirt with thin or thick stripes. One of our favorite office looks is combining thick blue and white stripe shirt with white jeans and light brown suede loafers. We definitely recommend starting with lighter color stripe shirts, which we ourselves find very easy to style. Wear those striped shirts with off-white jeans or dark blue cuffed jeans. With the off-white jeans, we would recommend leaving the shirts untucked. With the dark blue cuffed jeans, tuck in the shirts, add a belt and some nice navy or brown suede loafers.

  1. Flannels: All men should have flannels in their wardrobes. If you do it right, you could look like a stud with minimal effort. Now, to achieve a work friendly look with your flannel and jeans, pick a flannel that has relatively smaller patterns. In terms of colors, you can pick any primary color or even go for an off-white and brown flannel. In addition, you can also layer your flannel button up with a crew neck t-shirt underneath and fold your sleeves. Just be advised that this is a notch more casual than the previous look we recommended. Look polished with high top brown leather boots and some elbow patch blazer or a pair of comfortable boat shoes and a shawl collar cardigan.

  1. Check Shirts: Check shirts can look very casual if you go for large bold patterns. In order to stay comfortable and work appropriate, pick check shirts that have small patterns just like with your flannels. The smaller the pattern, the more formal it looks. You can pick jeans in any color as long as they are slim fit. You can really bring out your personality with these shirts. You can wear oxfords to sneaker and even play with cool socks to add to the look.

These were a few ways to pair different kinds of button down shirts with jeans that would be great to wear at work. Check out @rickyandmickyofficial for visual guide and for some great styles in button down shirts that are great to wear to.