About Ricky & Micky


Ricky & Micky is a clothing retailer created by brothers Ricky & Micky.

Inspiration for the brand came from the brothers own personal styles- Ricky’s elevated street style and Micky’s luxe take on classic clean fits. Together their collection of shirts, outerwear and other garments boasts of-the-moment fits and designs, and are a fresh take on men’s fashion.


Born into the Garmento family, who’ve sold apparel to many major retailers across the US, Ricky & Micky know the ins and outs of the apparel business. That experience coupled with their knowledge of fashion and garment production led the brothers to their new venture, Rickyandmicky.com. Rickyandmicky.com is about offering designer quality clothing at a sensible and affordable price. For these brothers’ style comes first, so the Ricky & Micky brand is about creating incredible clothing with fashionable appeal. Together Ricky & Micky live to make fitted designs for those who’ve come to appreciate the power of a well-dressed man.


Your typical designer shirt sells for more than 8 times what it costs to make. This is because companies don't often prioritize what we do at Ricky & Micky.

Brand markups, middlemen, and brick and mortar stores force higher prices and lower quality onto consumers, which makes wearing great clothing at an affordable price difficult.

At Ricky & Micky our process is simple: source the best material to create paired down designs and produce them with our best factories in the business. Providing our clothing online for easy and uninhibited shopping cuts out every middleman, and free shipping and returns only make it better.

This means our customers only pay for what they came for – amazing clothes of the best quality for a price that makes sense.